1 wt rods under $200?

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  1. I am looking to get a cheaper 1 wt rod around 7' for 200 or less. the only rod i have really seen in that price range is the TFO Lefty Kreh Finess rods. Does anyone have any experience with this rod or anything similiar?

    thanks for any advice
  2. I've had the rod for a few years now. I love it. I have an Orvis BBS I and a double taper line on it. I don't think you'll be sorry if you go with this rod. I considered the Sage TXL in one of the zero wts, and I was told after the fact that I would not have regretted that route, but I couldn't justify the price for the quarry.

  3. Thanks for that info. i think that is what i will be getting. i dont want to spend a bunch of money on a sage or orvis rod so i think it will be a good choice.
  4. I have a 7'9" 3wt TFO Finesse rod and I use the hell out of it in the summer time. One of the better rods I have found for small skinny water.

    I also have 7'6" GL2 4wt that gets lots of use also. But I don't think you can get these anymore.
  5. I played with one at the Albany OR FF Fair and really liked it's casting. Dave Alberts bought one on the spot he liked it so much.
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  6. I've had an Elkhorn 7' 1wt for years and love it. Should be under $200.
  7. You guys using the 1 weights to fish for gold fish in your aquarium or what? :)
  8. Which one??????????????
  9. Had the TFO 1wt for about a year now, awesome small stream rod! It's all I use on small streams now. At just under 7' its perfect for tight quarters and packs down into a pretty small tube. The tough part was finding a reel and line that weren't outrageously overpriced... which most products in this size are (come on, were talking about 5-10" trout). The Orvis Battenkill I reel is under $100 and weighs in at 2.8 oz. which is the best option I've found so far.
  10. I have always wanted a 1 wt rod. I am using a 3wt on little streams, when i hook a fish under 10", i feel like i am in overkill mode with my setup. The prices for 1wt rod/reels have kept be out of the market.
  11. Fiberglass!!!!! My Cabelas 6'6" 4wt ($75) will make a 6" cutt feel like a hog. You really don't have to go to tiny graphite rods to have fun with small fish, that's where fiberglass rocks and at the same or less $. Something to think about.

    IMO, line wt doesn't have as much to do with it as rod action, a full flexing or true medium action rod in a higher line wt will be more fun to fight small fish with than a med fast or fast action rod in a much lower line wt.
  12. Go with a tenkara rod and be done with it, besides with no reel required there is one less thing to forget !!!!
  13. :D
  14. I'm in the market for the first 000 weight rod so I can get them in the gravel with the egg sacs still attached. Most of the big fish line weight records are spoken for, so I'm thinking outside the box.
  15. Listen to Mark.
    Think about it. When you fish lightweight graphite rods, they beg you to throw a lot of.line. Contrary to what small is about. And, most designated line weights are off but one or so. Meaning you should throw a 3 wt line on that one or two wt rod. So, you keep looking for a lighter rod.
    A 3 wt fiberglass usually throws like a 3 wt should. All the gentle finess you could ask for, and you can handle more than a fart of wind. And small fish can show off even on a 4 wt glass rod. This isn't a tough decision.
    Rant over.
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  16. Lucked into a Sage SLT one weight for a hundred and forty bucks several lyears ago. I have fished the heck out of that rod. Definitely one of my favorites.
  17. I did buy the 5'9" 1wt, but also have the 7'6" 3wt... both are great and a super value for the money...!!
  18. True that. But another benefit is that heavier line weights perform better in the wind. I had a 2 wt that was a hoot - until a breeze came up, then it was all but useless. 3 or 4 wt lines have a lot more mass and carry better through the wind. The 5wt and 6wt lines commonly used on bamboo rods are even better.

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  19. Oops..The TFO Finesse. Sorry, OMJ.

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