1 wt rods under $200?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jpfish, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Bill Aubrey

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    Anybody played with the Elkhorn 2 wt?
  2. Mark Mercer

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    I don't have the 2wt but have the Elkhorn 8'6" 3wt 5pc, (med fast) not a bad rod for the money but works better with a 4wt line. I think the CT is a better rod. I've had it since they first came out, in fact I've broken it twice, my fault. It used to be $30 + shipping for a new section, I think it's gone up since then, but hassle free if you do brake one.

  3. Brooks Werner

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    Check out www.rdpflyrods.com, I believe they source their own blanks and you can buy a 'stock' rod or have them customize it for an extremely reasonable price. I haven't tried them personally, just came across them searching the web for lighter weight rods one day. Now they're on my radar to try.
  4. tridentfly

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    JP, the TFO Finesse is the only rod I can think of in this price range (there aren't many 1-weights overall). I haven't cast it, but others in the Finesse series are great.

    If you want to go up to a 2wt, the Redington Tempt is a great choice under $200.
  5. Jpfish

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    Those rods look great. i think that is what im going to end up purchasing in the near future.
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  6. wadin' boot

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    please dont think i am negative, but a rod that small will kill a lot of fish if it is used improperly. if a big fish is hooked and is played for a long time the fish will swim off when released and might die from exhaustion and build up of whatever gas they get.. i personally believe a 3 weight should be the smallest but that is just me. mike w
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  8. WA-Fly

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    does any one know where I can get a tube for one of these rods?
  9. Craig Hardt

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  11. Jpfish

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    I have figured out which rod i am getting. now does anybody have a good idea on a good click pawl reel for a 1wt? I am leaning to buying something used. The only reasonably priced reel i have found new is the new orvis battenkill 1. If anybody has an idea on something used i could find on ebay that is reasonably priced that would be awsome.

    thank you
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  14. Danielocean

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    Wow I did not know that 1 wts even existed. Kinda cool actually I figure it out be like holding nothing in your hand.
  15. Kent Lufkin

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    Naw. A 0wt or a 00wt is what nothing feels like.

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    Just looked at my bank account and got the same feeling. LOL
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