10/1 Am

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Rob Ast, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. Hit a local beach this am with some miyawaki poppers I tied last night. First time fishing poppers in the salt - as promised an exciting experience. Had about 6 strikes, landed one 13-14" cut, saw one significantly larger fish (? coho) roll. not bad for 2-1/2 hrs of beach patrol.
  2. Not bad at all....compared to the experiences I have had last two times out. Good for you :) What weight rod are you throwing the Poppers on?
  3. Yeah No kidding-
    Last couple times I've been out have been very depressing. Different tides, different times of day, different weather...nothing.
    Definitely good for you, though. I have been having fun exploring some new rivers and catching small cutts on the 4 weight. Still waiting for the big cutthroat in the salt though.
    Happy fishing,
  4. The cutt was a bit overmatched with my 8wt - wishfully thinking I might run into some salmon returning to the suquamish hatchery.
  5. Hey....8 (or 7) weight is a great rod for the ...going to the beach to see what I can catch. I usually bring a 5 and 7 for most salt adventures. I Have been wishing too! :)

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