10' 10 wt blank

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by D3Smartie, Feb 5, 2005.

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    I am looking for a 10foot 10wt black that has a good warranty. We have built a rod on a sage blank before but are there other options that wont be as expensive and still be good for a two handed rod?
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    Hi D3Smartie! YES THERE IS!! Dan Craft's new series, the FT (Fast Taper) is being hailed as one of the finest performance blanks on the market, especially as a switch rod or short spey. In fact, builders as renowned as Bob Meiser are basing highly acclaimed series on them! He does have a 10' 10wt 4pc in this series, and as with all his blanks the value is second to none. Drop by www.rodbuilding.org and do a search for Dan Craft + ft and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the posts and reviews. To my knowledge, the only places to purchase them are from The Rocky Mountain Rodbuilding Supply Co. (http://www.rockymountainrodbuilding.com) or from Dan Craft directly (http://www.dancraftent.com/).

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