10' 4wt. for Cutts Off the Beach

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Cannon, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Cannon

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    I'm looking for a 10' 4wt. rod for targeting sea-run Cutts off the beach. Most of my fishing will be at the distance of 40-'60' but on occasion I need that extra "punch" to throw 70'-80'. Some of the 10' 4wt. rods I've tried don't seem have that power needed. I used to own a Loomis Classic GLX 10' 4wt. that was able to reach those distances. I haven't tried the Sage ONE 10' 4wt. yet. I'm also thinking of the new Echo 10' 6" 3wt. switch rod that has a grain weight range of 150-210. Any other 10' 4wt. rod past or present that would fill my requirements? Many thanx.
  2. Anil

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    They aren’t really designed for casting much at all, but many of the Czech-nymph rods are quite fast and can actually cast distance well.
    I’ve cast both the Loomis GLX version and the ESN in a 10’ 4 weight and both are quite powerful. While I haven’t cast them, I know that Echo offers a series of Czech nymph rods as well. You might look in that direction if you can’t/won’t spend the money on an American made rod.
  3. Cannon

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    I talked to Loomis about their NRX Czech nymph 10' 4wt. and he said the rod really isn't designed for long distance casting. I'm leaning towards the Pieroway Tactical 10' 4wt. Supposedly it's a cannon. Built in Calgary, Alberta.


    Thanks for your feedback.

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