10' 4wt Suggestions

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by TrevorH, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I'm interested in a 10' 4-5wt for single handed spey casting. I'd like something pretty soft that flexes deeply, but has a decently strong tip. The last 18" or so needs to be present, as I'll have this thing pretty well loaded. I want the deep flex so that my wrist doesn't get a workout loading the rod. Light-in-hand would be nice to that end as well. I don't need to cast far.
  2. Try the Greys XF2 rods! Or if you want to spend more try the T&T Helix 1004.
  3. I tried out a BVK 10' 4 for the first time yesterday. Used it to throw medium length leaders with an indicator and two bugs on a lake. I mostly let my son use it but I did all the casting. Very nice rod for the money. Extremely light in hand. Only you can say if you like the tip. I fished it with a 4 wt gpx but I'm going to try a 5 wt indicator next time as I didn't feel that was a great line match, at least for my use

    Edit to say it is a hoot to play 10-16" trout on that's for sure.

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