WTB 10' Rod/Reel Case for 2 Rods

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by PT, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Looking for a case to keep 2 10' rods and reels broken down into 2 pieces. $50 or less and local would be nice. Could spend more but can get new for under $100.

    Thanks, Dave
  2. Sorry PT, I can't help you but I am in the same boat, only I'd like to get two of them. Were you looking at any particular brand?
  3. Me three.One option I have considered is getting the Cabelas dual
    reel on rod case and cutting off the end.It is about $50.
    Then,adding two sections
    of PVC and moving the carrying handle.
    Let us know whtat you ultimately come up with,please.
  4. Indeed. Orvis isn't making one yet and I'd like to have one with a reel-on zippered case. Some tie-down straps/D rings would be sweet.
  5. I have 2 cases made by Springbrook , Canada which I highly recommend, but sorry I want to keep them both. here is a link for description http://www.springbrook.ca/pages/SprRodReelCase/SprRodReelDelux.html
  6. Josh, sent you a PM. I don't have anything to trade but the $50 dollar part doesn't sound too bad. I don't suppose you work on the East side of PS for easier pick up? Or even the tacoma area?
  7. Don, thanks for the link. Are they available here in the US? I didn't see any retail information on that link.

  8. We have 10' double rod reel cases, made in the USA nice quality cordura covered three colors. $85.00 per. 2" tubes.
    They take about three weeks to get.
    If you want more info let me know.
  9. Derek,
    Wholesale Outfitters do sell them, as do most tackle stores. Springbrook is a wholesaler/distributor out of Calgary,Alberta.
    If you check with your local tackle stores they should be able to tell you if the can get Springbrook gear.
    Springbrook also handles TFO stuff.
  10. Jesse,

    Details and pics please. Sounds like you may have some orders coming.
  11. Jesse, what colors do you have available? I'll call you to order one.
  12. Check out the tubes on this site www.clearcreek.net Double rod and reels cases $85.00 delivery apprx 3 weeks. These are really nice cases with d-rings and straps. Colors; Burgandy, green and navy blue.
    let me know guys
  14. 5 ft of 3" ABS, Jet Tube caps from Swenson Outdoors, can of spray paint or bed liner, caps have loops for straps, and rings for TSA locks..."all in" less than $30.....ABS could be lined before capping ends... easily vented.
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