10 ruminations on 1 year of Washington fly fishing

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by James Harrington, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. *I posted this in Saltwater because that is mostly what I fish and where I've spent most of my time on this site learning and trying to contribute, though plenty of this applies to the general forum.

    It was on or about Sept. 14 of the year 2010 that I returned to the western Washington of my youth, in which I had spent my first 10 years of life, before moving with the family to Texas and then spending damn near 20 years there. I came back here because I wanted mountains, forests, rivers, salt, and of course the fish that are present here.

    In the twelve months that have followed, I've attempted to learn a complex fishery that is fraught with complications, frustrations, and the occasional delight. Especially when attacking said fishery with the fly rod.

    With this being said, rather than continue with a long-winded monologue about what I've experienced/learned/un-learned/doubted/assumed/believed/
    disbelieved/thought/been proven wrong about/been proven right about regarding this fishery, I figured I'd throw out 10 ruminations or observations from my first year here as fly fisherman. So here goes:

    1. A healthy SRC from the salt is damn near the prettiest fish one could hope to encounter
    2. Crowded fishing spots suck
    3. Solitude on a Hood Canal beach, while staring at the Olympics...well, if you've been there, you already know
    4. Steelhead don't exist
    5. Steelhead do exist, but are impossible hook
    6. Steelhead do exist, are possible to hook, but impossible to land
    7. There's always another steelhead season to prove they exist, can be hooked, and landed
    8. Chums and Pinks boost a newbie's confidence, and cohos and kings erase said newbie's confidence
    9. There are lots of rainbow trout, in various forms, from fat stillwater lunker planters, to native, obscenely colored, small stream beauties, in western Washington
    10. There are far worse places on this lonely planet for a fly fisher to reside than western Washington

    Bonus entry 11: This forum is the best/worst fly fishing accessory. Nah, F-that. This shit here is the best. Even when it hurts.

    No bullshit. I'm happy to be here.

    See more of you on the water soon.

  2. ganglyangler

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    Agree on all points.. particularly number 1
  3. Steve Call

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  4. Dustin Bise

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    im honestly LOLing at 4-7. youll get one, just hang in there! (the hang down that is)
  5. Ian Broadie

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    iagree Yes sir sure do.
  6. Matthew Gulbranson

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    That is awesome. Some very good observations there MW! I agree on all points, and would add to #8 that said fish do the same for non-newbies too.

    And I love SRC's. My first love of fly fishing, they hold a very special place in my little fly-heart.


  7. Sounds like many insights that I have found as well :) , Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    Will R.
  8. DimeBrite

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    That's a great post. The best thing about fishing in Washington is that there is endless opportunity to learn a new fishery and each year offers something different and exciting for those open to a new experience. I just wish the fisheries were managed for the sport anglers like in other more progressive states.
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    Exactly my situation, and my thoughts! except I left in 1983 and came back 2 years ago :)
  10. Go Fish

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    Nice post....

    Being in Kitsap County
    you have access to just
    about anything in the fishy
    world. Great beaches, lakes,
    and rivers.

    Sounds like you are way ahead of
    the learning curve.

  11. Upton O

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    Nicely said.