10 wt lines?

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  1. So, I like to tie some bigger stuff, and have chased bass and pike with 8wts with success, but im a sick individual, so i orderded me a 9ft 10wt to throw the big shit. Stuff the 8wt cant seem to handle too well.SOOO, any have experience with lines they prefer? Ive looked at the pike tapers and am pretty excited to get this rod set up.
  2. Rio outbound short- will turn your rod into a cannon, and will turn over the biggest bulkiest flies you can think of
  3. I too, have been considering a different line for my 10 wt....(currently have an allen but haven't really used it fishing and a SA multi-tip, which is ok but I don't do well with it especially roll casting, will the out outbound handle 10' sinking heads? Anyone use the Airflo 40 plus or Ambush line with the 10 wt. that can comment on how they perform with bigger flies and tips?
  4. I use an SA 10wt Pike floater that performs well for throwing the big, wind-resistant stuff with my TiCrX.
  5. X2. I have a WF11F ROS for my tarpon rod and….LOL…..you wan't have much trouble throwing a full size cat with your setup and that line.
  6. Before you go buying different lines… try casting one of the Sage Largemouth Rods. (It comes with a specially designed line for that rod) The Largemouth rod was designed for big bass in the California delta and Mexico bass. It will handle the big flys, and the big fish. Just try it.
  7. Thanks for the detailed write up. It looks like for me the ambush or wulff saltwater taper cold would be the best choices for what I am looking for. Have you tried the wulff salt water taper with any tips?
  8. My 10 wt. is a Winston Vapor--so I would guess that a 10 or 11 SWT would be the best match. I originally purchased it to fish fall Chinook above Vernita on the columbia. I have since picked up a spey rod that sees most of the fall action and now use the 10 wt. mostly for carp and bass and to dream about going to the tropics for bone fish and permit someday.

    Sounds like the SWT might be the best niche for now. I can always use the a full sink head if I fish for Chinook above Vernita with it.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion...I don't have a line that I really like for this rod. I have an ambush line for anohter rod that is a really fun line to use. I tend to shy away from customizing lines...probably because I don't believe I can improve over a factory job...but then I have never done any customization. I will keep watching for a SWT in a 10 or 11 wt to go on sale somewhere. Then if that does not do the ticket for me for some situations, I will pick up an ambush in a 10 or 11 wt. I might be able to use that with a my 7 wt switch rod when I want to have an integrated line that can be stripped back to the leader. I am contiually amazed at how much difference a well matched line makes in how much I like a rod.

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