100 [pack Dai Riki #899 $20 (inc. shipping)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. I have 6 lots sorted of 100 each size 2 dai riki salmon steelhead hooks (#899) for $20 a lot with shipping included. Let me know if you're interested.

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  2. I can buy these for half that off the net. And I bet I could beat the price locally.

    Make me a better offer, and I would like some, but it needs to be in the $10 range.
  3. Great, then buy them locally. I've been paying $7 a pack of 25 at the Madflyfisher in Federal Way. I've already sold off a couple packs. So I'll just hold onto the rest if you don't want them. I bought two bulk packs and subdivided one off. Please, let me know where you're getting them (unless you're buying under a UBI # which doesn't count for the rest of us) because I'll start buying there too. Now, you get to the smaller sizes and trout hooks, well they are cheaper per 25. When I used mustads (and are still priced this way at hook and hackle which are about as cheap as I've seen) they are $9.88 per 100, and they're not nearly as good of quality as Dai Riki's. So $10 per 100 is a bit low.

    Here's a link for one of a few shops that carry them online, I haven't seen one under $6.95 plus shipping. And these are size 2's


    and here's about cheapest, and they're on sale for just under $20 per 100 and not including shipping


    "You haven't lived until you've run a cataraft. Friends don't let friends run Outcasts."
  4. Cheaper yet: http://www.bluequillangler.com/store/hook5.html, and its the #1 hit on Google for these hooks.

    $5.55 for a pack of 50.

    Sorry you paid so much for them, I have decided only to buy hooks online when I can, and am pawing though discount bins and ebay all I can. Hooks are too darn expensive these days. I also don't expect to buy retail from a local bulletin board, I expect good deals between friends. Heck, I just gave away a functional computer to a guy I know on an email list, never met him before, and all he needs to pay is the shipping charges.

  5. I far from paid too much for them. Plus, I'm selling for well below retail. The link you gave will not come up. I go for deals when I can, and I got a deal on these hooks, and thought I'd shave a deal on 100. I'll tell you this much, I've sold off most of the packs I have now, and may even subdivide the main pack I planned on using a bit. Most guys, especially east coast, are more then happy to buy them. And free shipping makes it even better. And YES, I have given even a flatter rate to my friends, but I have enough "real-life" friends who tie that bought up a few packs each. But they're like me and try to buy in bulk since we tie so much. Once I get my business license, doubt I'll be hitting any online stores and such again. Already have my sources set and discounts going. Just have to wait for my UBI to come before I can buy. Until then, I pay retail. This is a good deal, whether you want to admit it or not. And to openly say I'm virtually "scamming" is careless. I got a good deal on these hooks, and am giving a good deal. Unless you want Mustads, then they're a little more expensive then them. But I'd rather have a hook I don't have to file an edge on every other cast.

    Onto computers. I myself gave away TWO computers. WHY? Because there is virtually no resale value on anything more then a year old. Couldn't sell a complete setup with desk for well under 90% what I paid for it. Check standard retail on these hooks directly from the distributer, they go for the $7 for 25. Bluequill angler (got the link to work) is probably buying at business discount and selling for well under set pricing. I don't buy everything at discount, bargain bins are ok, but sometimes you get what you pay for, and you pay low prices, you get low end products. Ebay is great, but you have to watch what you buy, you get screwed on there. These are top notch hooks, not 2nds. And below retail.

    "You haven't lived until you've run a cataraft. Friends don't let friends run Outcasts."

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