100 Streams in Washington...

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    Sweet! Those are big fish for a small stream. I do have a place. I tell people that the grandest fish I ever caught was 13". It was from a stream like yours. You can almost hop over it in places and a "pool" might only be the size of a bathtub. It was the best lie on the creek and there was only a one foot window to cast through the brush and tree limbs. After catching it I just went home. Very happy.
  2. Beautiful story, PB.
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    My favorite little stream a small creek full of larger than average brookies.

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    That's plucking my heart strings. And it sounds good!
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    Great thread.
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    I'm feeling guilty now for not giving back! I NEVER take pictures. The only time I ever did was on Stevens creek in Ca. I sent them to the DFG so they could see that there were eight to twelve inch rainbows with parr marks living in the stream that were most likely steelhead smolts. It turns out they were. I hope my efforts had something to do with the current program to help the fish.
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    Never happen.