indicators in fly only water?

None taken man. I'm pretty difficult to offend. Some folks got some thin skins though, sheesh. I mean I rock the bobber, why not. I'm not going to have some debate about what it is or isn't cause it is what it is and that's that. I've had people run me down all my life for stuff about as trivial and that's fine. There isn't any hitch in my gidyup about it nor am I looking to hitch anyone else's. If you saw my beginning in fishing you would know that just fishing ethically is a triumph for someone like me. My only examples were poachers, and I've never done that even as a kid. That's just bad action.


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Did anyone even post the language of the regs?

What is the limit on # of flies on the stilly?

What defines a fly line? Someone made a joke above about attaching 20ft of fly line to other fishing line and calling it fly fishing ... That's literally the same thing as a Skagit head with mono running even when I swing flies with my spey rod I'm not fly fishing? Cole world. Real Cole.


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you shouldnt even be fishing polar bear anymore, unless you kill it yourself
Polar bears are endangered now so theres a no kill policy nowdays,So if you want polar bear hair in todays world you must ,do a Chuck Norris staredown & get the bear in a submissive state so you can shave the beast & leave the beast with a bad haircut but otherwise unharmed.Anything less would not be social responsible in todays world.


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Nobody is old school, old school is pre WWII and thats just my opinion not fact.

Here is a fact that is actually an opinion:

To be dip in shit and set out to dry.... = a modern day purist.


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how bout no indicators in wild fish waters ? only tightline fishing with any tackle, no bait, no barbs, no trebles... gear or fly same rules !!! come on, how bout we make steelhead fiishing lower impact, and not just a numbers game. let everyone have an equal shot;)