Skeena Closed to all fishing

David Dalan

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I suspect once the Tribe works out how to tap the revenue stream (permits, etc.) the waters will open again. Would make a really cool sanctuary though.

I suspect in the end the first nation folks will have trouble corn holing things as bad as BC fisheries.


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Another one of a thousand gen Y fly fishing punks with everything going for them except editing and photo skills ? :D
The most hilarious is Some trout guides from Utah raising cash via donations to come steelhead, film it, and complain about it. They were just on Evan, Derek, and Captain Booster Seat's podcast talking about it (sup kirk). Props to Derek for semi calling them out tho.

The best line I remember was the chick saying something along the lines of "Yea I've been guiding the river hard for a decade and now it's so crowded it sucks". Oh you've been profiting off a public resource for 10 years by showing others how to use it and now you complain that people use it? And now your buds who live a few States away are asking for donations to come fish and film glory shots for "conservation"?

Its a complete mockery of the situation. They just want their names attached to the conservation push and expect others who actually care about the resource to fund their vacation (let's call it what it is) via kick starter. If they truly cared they would stay home and send the cash to people actually working on habitat restoration, funding another game warden's salary, funding research, etc. But nope, they want $20+ grand donated to them so they can fly up and swing flies in front of a camera. They somehow have convinced themselves that by including a few opinions/interviews regarding current debates that the film is all about the fish, when in reality it's about getting their own name attached to the cause. The only thing another film will do is push others to make yet another film, and another, and another... which in turn significantly diminishes the marginal impacts that each film has on their "goal" of awareness/conservation/etc.

The situation is ass backwards. They should set up cameras at the post office, film themselves cutting a check from their Kickstarter donations, and mail it to a worthy cause. During the dramatic shots of envelope licking and mailbox opening they can still bump some dubstep music, rock a nanopuff, and get their names attached to steelhead - so it will be a win-win.

David A.

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Well said Golfman..:cool:

My beef is more to do with the low quality of the filming and the total lack of editing skills in the is rash of 'look at me' video making and DO NOT get me started on soundtracks.

A note to self filming gen Y fly fishing punks -
The reason I don't practice medicine on the general public or make rap music is because I'm a photographer.
There's a lesson in that.;):D

That said, I have seen the odd bit of beautiful work (even from some Gen Y fly fishing punks) and I don't mind trolling through a lot of rubbish to find a good fishing film..:cool:

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i agree in principle with the kickstarter dealio, but it is nice to have some counter points to industry funded crap like the "Hatchery and Wild" movie. This is pretty low on my "industry" hate-meter.

I just hope they are wearing ironic hipster fly fishing t-shirts from Bend under their nano puffs. ;)

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I think this tribe really hasnt thought this decision through.

They looked at anyone who gives revenue to the province and see them as bad, we mist make money off of them.

Well by kicking out sportfishers they lose patrons and voices of the resource they supposedly require.

Further odds are they are funded, and DFO/CO's do the enforcement.

They should lose all funding and DFO/CO's should stop enforcement, instead falling on the band.

Probably end up losing more then money in that regard.

Charles Sullivan

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This is really causing me some concern. I have a couple potential back up plans. Both are not nearly as proven though. I sure hope that the weight on CN forces a solution. I will pay what I must for my week up north within my means. I actually am unsure if this really has much to do with fishing at all or rather it's just the tribes immediately flexing their new found muscles.

Go Sox,