Paradise is burning:(


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We just returned from Montana on Saturday. The smoke started around Deer Lodge and it was like driving at dusk until we hit Moses Lake. We had been off grid so to speak for the last few days and had not heard about the fires until getting some news reports on the radio in Missoula. Sorry to hear about those affected... from the sounds of it, a relatively small event really exploded quickly.


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We were thinking about a camping trip in a few weeks over in that area,but the last thing that they need now is a few more tourist.guess we'll wait until the late fall and go grouse hunting & camping then.


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Evacuating again! A new fire is burning what's left between Twisp and Winthrop, toward Twin Lakes.
I was afraid this might happen when the emergency weather alert came across my radio yesterday eve. Vibes to the area again.
When the rain hits the acidic runoff will have some nasty effects on the fish population.


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We had t-storms go by yesterday and they were as dry as a popcorn fart... not exactly what is needed there presently. I've not heard, but suspect lots of crops are also being lost? To those living there... be safe.


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We had a big storm move through this afternoon and despite the heavy rain, there was thunder and lightning. So, there are now 5 new fires in the Wenatchee drainage this afternoon.

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Whats it all coming to. I read that Oregon has 30 forest fires and now Washington is trying burn up. Knock on wood. Just a couple of small fires here in Montana.