Top water at Lake Tye


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Yesterday I decided to try and fish a small popper for the first time this year. I have never had any luck fishing poppers west Cascades ever, but I actually had a few takes yesterday so I went out this evening. I caught about a dozen small largemouth and 1 larger fish. I missed many larger fish though.


I was using my TFO half weight and that made it so much more fun catching these smaller fish.

This was about the average size of the bass I was catching, I was fishing along the weed lines and cattails on the west side of the lake.

This was a larger fish, around 12 inches, it put up a great fight on the half weight. This fish was bleeding a little on the release though, he was still released strong though.

I caught the larger fish in really shallow water channels through the grass around the boat launch. It was a great evening and I finally caught my first fish and then some on a popper west of the Cascades. Lake Tye is definitely and underrated for warm water fishing, it's tough to figure but there are some big bass hidden in there.

Jim B

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Great report! I should bring a lighter rod and bass bugs with me the next time I fish the Sky for steelhead, and see if I can find some of these bass.

Jim B.