SBS Maktima's Aerial Assault (variation) SBS


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There's no place like foam.

hook - Mustad 9672 #8
thread - UTC 140 tan
rib - xfine wire gold
butt/underbody - Ice Dub golden brown
feelers/legs - medium rubber barred tan
mid-sole - 2mm foam goldenrod
upper - 2mm foam tan
body hackle - barred ginger (undersize by 2)
underwing - Krystal Flash pearl
wing - elk hair
front hackle - barred ginger

mash barb, start thread and tie in rib

dub butt

tie in feelers on either side of butt

tie in first layer of foam (tapered end gap width past bend)


dub body up to 2/3 mark

tie in hackle; wrap towards back

wrap rib through hackle; tie off and helicopter end

tie down foam; wrap to eye

tie in KF

clean, stack, measure (extend to back of foam) a clump of elk

fold foam back, tie down at eye

original didn't have legs; Norm, baby, gotta have legs

tie in front hackle; wrap, tie off, trim tip, half hitch x 2, SHHAN

trim legs and KF; add water and stupid fish