SE Idaho and Wyoming July Report

July has been a pretty good month down in the SE Idaho area so far. Runoff is just finishing up, and after a couple lack luster water years this year I think the Bear River watershed received somewhere around 120% water equivalency. Though it seems that the snow melted quicker than usual and certain streams within the water shed had much more runoff than other streams near by. Of course, all these observations are just qualitative.

The weather has been HOT! And so has been the fishing. Rocky Mountain Power has been letting out water for the farmers below Oneida Dam on the Bear River so I've been fishing the tributary streams like the Thomas Fork, Smiths Fork, Hobble Creek and a few smaller creeks in other watersheds as well. There has been good bug activity including yellow sallies, caddis, and green/grey/brown drakes. PMD's seem like they're slowly picking up, I haven't seen too many in the last few weeks. This could be because the fish and I have been focusing on the bigger bugs? Speaking of bigger bugs, the hoppers are getting larger and in a couple of weeks or so I'm sure hopper fishing will take off.

A lot of the fishing is close into the banks and in the riffles and seems to pick up around 10am and last well into the evening. For a while there the fishing was only good from 11am-3pm and then the fish just shut off. Mosquitoes haven't been as bad as the last couple of years here except for a few days on the upper Blackfoot river (which is not a tib to the Bear River) where I had to run back to my car to get away from the blood sucking demons.

I'm carrying dry flies for the most part this time of year and the fish haven't been too picky with exact matches as long as the presentation is good. Yesterday I spotted a nice Bonneville Cutthroat hanging out underneath a bank, I casted a green/tan Iris Caddis to her and just as it passed I thought she wasn't going for it until she turned and with a slight hesitation darted down stream for it! What a site to see, it's what I live for during the summer months. Below is a picture of that fish and some other photos I've taken this month out here in SE Idaho and Wyoming. I hope you too are having a fish filled July.


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