Back at it, two and a half glued up.

Well finally I'm getting up a head of steam again in my rod making. For some reason I have had a hard time getting on a roll with my rod making but I think I have some momentum again! I got two and a half rods glued up today (most of these sections have been planned up for a few months now just waiting for some glue and binding:rolleyes: ). This part of the rod making process is a little hair raising because if you have something go south, you can trash a week's work on each rod real quick. The glue up went well and I only had one section give me a gasp for a moment (but all is well :) ). You ask why two and a "half" rods glued up in this session? Well I got tired of planning bamboo and decided to glue up what I had ready, the base will get planned up soon;) .

I have a Payne 197 7'6" 3 piece 5wt medium flamed, Leonard 50D 8' 3 piece 5wt flamed and a tip section for a Para 14 7'9" 2 piece flamed. I'll get the base planed up soon I hope. Here is a shot of the sections in the binding string in the drying cabinet.
I'd like to say that these will be in testing and sharing condition but I'll have to see if I can keep the momentum. No promises but if they are ready I'll gladly share if the timing works out. I sanded off the glue residue and now I'll need to hit the shafts with the 400 grit before the first of many coats of finish.


PS The good weather has me a bit distracted plus a couple of priorities got in the way lately. I'll try to get on task again soon.