posting photos from Photobucket ?

David A.

Upside down.
Hi, I'm probably missing something very obvious, but when i try to link a photo from my photo bucket site I just get the blue question mark.

Here's one of the links from Photobucket - what do I need to add to post it ?

On your photobucket page, over to the right there are a series of image posting options. Click in the box next to "Direct."

That will give you the actual link to the photo. Here is an example of the link to one of my photos:

Back here, when you're writing a post, click on the little image of a tree in up above, where the formatting stuff is. paste the link you just copied into the field when it pops up and it should insert the photo.

The other option is to click the field on your photobucket page that is labeled IMG (to the right, below where it says direct) and past that directly into the space where you write your post.

David A.

Upside down.
Thanks atomic dog - that's pretty easy ! :)

I had to add the 'direct link' to my Photobucket library in preferences and then save the change.

Awesome - I'll get a post up with photos in trip reports soon.