NF Skokomish Flies


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My son-in-law invited me over to his cabin on the OP this weekend. We are talking about trying our luck on the North Fork of the Skokomish above Lake Cushman. I usually fish this with some dry patterns like the Royal Wulff and the Adams. I also toss in a few nymph patterns.
Has anyone been up there lately that would share any successful patterns that they used? I have never fished it this early in the year. I am anxious to break out my 3wt Redington CT again. It's a great rod for this stretch of the river.

Rob Ast

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It's a small mountain trout stream. This time of year any of your usual flies should work just fine. I wouldn't get too technical on this one.

Bob Triggs

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Terry, with the recent cooling rains, and now with the sun and warmth returning, we should see some good insect activity up there this weekend. I would be using smaller dry flies, soft hackle wet flies, and smaller streamers. Dry flies like the Pale Morning Dun, The Pale Evening Dun, The Blue Winged Olive, Gnats, Caddis Pupa, Minnow streamers etc. One thing to have would be ant flies- winged and not winged, red, brown and black. Most of the time up there I will use smaller flies, from size #14 down to #20. Always barbless or crushed barbs. You may see some termites up there, so bring some bigger winged ant flies, or Stimulators, reddish brown body- size #8, #10, #12, #14. The mornings will be cooler and there will be less insect activity. But once the sun gets on the water, and the air warms up, you should see increasingly more activity. The last hours of the day will likely be the best fishing. No need to get up at dawn. But if you want to fish then, use soft hackle wet flies, smaller streamers, small sculpin flies, Caddis Pupa, emergers, etc. I bet a Chum Baby will work up there too. Have a great time!


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Thanks for the replies. Bob, I had picked out some ants to take along. I have never used soft hackle flies up there only nymphs. I will toss some of them in also. Later in the day will work great. Neither Jeff or Gretchen like to get up too early. Me, I would be standing there when the sun rises but and early start to them is 11:00 AM.

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I never get on any water here in Montana until noon. I just can't get going any earlier. Something about being older and my needing more sleep


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If I were going trout fishing on the Skokomish I would fish for SRC in the lower mainstem, the SF upstream of the canyon (high bridge) or the lower NF in the reach between its confluence with the SF up to McTaggert Creek. Access isn't as easy in these other places, but I think the trout fishing is better.