Flies for Brookies

Looking to hit a couple alpine lakes just after ice off in my area. Any suggested flies for Brookies that they may favor early in the season? Is there much insect activity shortly after the ice leaves that I should key on?

I have both a floating and a clear intermediate line... :DUNNO

Thanks - YC
I am also a rookie early lake fisher. I usually fish the streams around Yakima and don't do much lake fishing. I am heading up to Canada for a long weekend to hit some lakes in the Kamloops area and found out that the ice just came off the lake I am fishing (4600' elevation) so I have been researching a little bit. Others on the site will likely correct some of my mistakes. First, to really benefit from the good fishing after ice off, you have to hit the lake within a couple weeks of the ice coming off. After the surface water warms up a little (to around 4 degrees C where water is the most dense) it becomes more dense than the deeper water and the lake will mix (turn over) creating a mucky mess. Anyway, you may already know all that. The patterns I am planning on are maroon and black chironomids, water boatmen, and leaches. The link below is from the www.fishbc.com and is Brian Chan discussing this very issue, and he knows what he is talking about. I wouldn't think that the bugs would be much different here than up there, although I have never heard of anyone down here talking about using water boatmen.

By the way, you wouldn't happen to be fishing lakes up toward White or Chinook Pass, would you? I know of a couple lakes I would like to try up there this year. Drop me a line off-line if you want to further discuss fishing in that area.