If you could all keep an eye out (stolen rod...)

So, it looks like a Sage Motive walked out of our shop, unpaid for and now unaccounted. If any of you happen to see or are offered a Sage 890-4 Motive, we can verify if it's ours since we keep the warranty cards with the serial #'s in the back office. A heads up or PM is much appreciated.

Thanks all. Bummer, it happens, but still...

It's kind of crazy to think someone could walk off with a fly rod, seems like it would not be easy to steal. Is that a fly rod in your pants or are you happy to see me?


Not to be confused with Freestone
Might just be someone taking it for a joy ride... we'll likely find it abandoned along streamside with a check mark, date and time scrabble on it.

Yeah, I know, not funny. Some people are just plain asswipe's... hope the culprit gets caught.