Australian #3 trout.

David A.

Upside down.
Trout fishing in Australia outside of Tasmania is probably not well known around the world, but is better than you might expect.
One of the main positives is low pressure.
With the exception of 3 or 4 better known waters it's pretty rare for me to encounter other anglers on the stream.
My favourite fishing is in the small streams of the Snowy Mountains.

My son at one of the prettier streams.

This is a fairly large pool on the lower section of the Thredbo river.
It's perhaps the best know water here and has a good head of fish
Anything over 5 lbs. would be considered very big, but there is the odd monster caught in the spawn runs out of lake - including the odd Atlantic salmon and brick Brookie.

Middle section of the Thredbo.

More middle section - in the tree's.

Dead Horse Gap on the Thredbo river.
Normally lots of wild horses around here.

My favourite section when the hoppers are on.
Fish here are generally small- under a pound - but a 2 or 3 pounder a real possibility.

A very grown over small stream in the Victorian high country.
There's hundreds of miles of great 4x4 access and a lifetime of small streams to explore.
(lots of easy access as well.)

David A.

Upside down.

A landscape in Victoria.

The Mt. Beauty area of Victoria - I would consider this a river and normally bigger water
than I like to fish.

Back to the small stuff.

A typical small stream brown from the Snowys.

Alpine meadow.

Mini Me #1 with a small rainbow from one of the creeks I take the boys to.
Even with limited casting they catch quite a few trout and have fun.

A wild Brookie from one of 2 or 3 streams we have that hold them.

Another - a decent size for the stream.

David A.

Upside down.

A thumper from an alpine meadow stream that's rarely more than 3 feet wide.
Notice the damage from a bird ?

A good fish from the upper Thredbo.

Season opening and higher water on a very typical fast pocket water stream
fairly high up the ranges at 1400m.

My favourite place in the whole world.
To give you some scale, the waterfall is about 10 feet high.
The fish here are all browns - a big one would be 14'

David A.

Upside down.
Some other bits -

A stream in the Barrington tops not far from where I live.
This is home water since the drought rooted the lowland stuff.
This stream is about 1300m. The tops go to about 1550m.

A spawn run Rainbow from the Thredbo.
Is is a fairly typical one the last few years - they've been getting smaller, but the browns are getting MUCH bigger !
(all great fun on the 2 weight)

This is the high country mentioned in the Bass post.
There's not a lot of trout water in the northern part of New South Wales, but what's
there is pretty nice.

A victorian Stonefly.

One of the lowland streams (600m)
This is a low flow.

David A.

Upside down.
When you said Snowy Mountains, the movie "The Man from Snowy River" came to mind.
The Snowy River has seen better days.
Only in it's very top section above the highest of the Snowy mountain hydro lakes is it in a natural state.
Below the last of the 3 dams it's flow is almost totally cut off.
Recently, the flow has been increased and the lower river is slowly coming back to life and is becoming a good bass river.

The country the lower river runs through is wild and rugged (like the movie) and I would love to do an extended float on it.
Just need some more consistent rain.

wadin' boot

Donny, you're out of your element...
An ex's dad used to have a fishing shack on the Goodradigbee behind Canberra. His biggest was a monster spawn run brown 5-6 pounds. That sure is some pretty country, Murrimbidgee, Thredbo etc. Would love to see some pics of Australian Bass and Murray Cod you got on fly, most guys here would never have seen them...(edited- whoops- just started reading your other posts...)

David A.

Upside down.
Yeah, the Murrimbidgee is a great river, but a bit drought ravaged this last couple seasons up the top end.
This winter started with some big snowfalls so hopefully we're on the road to recovery.

I'm sorting out a post on cod fishing next.
Wonderful pictures. I was in Hobart (Tasmania) for a week back in 2002 but I hadn't yet resurrected my interest in fly fishing. Big regret. Nice to know there is more action to be found.