Fly and Spinning?

Do you just fly fish or do you use a spinner as well?

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I am sure this has been asked before, but I am curious on the percentages of people who just do one or both. I personally like fly fishing the best, but I love to use a spinner in the right situations.

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I used to fish with Spinners. But for the last 20 years or so it's all fly fishing. In fact I sold all my gear rods and reels or traded them off for fly gear.

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Buenos Hatches Ese
I have never owned a spinning rod, and have only used them on a few occasions with other people. My dad taught me how to fly fish when I was a wee lad, and I've never even thought of doing it a different way.


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I was given my first spinning rod when I was about 5. I was handed a fly rod for the first time when I was about 8. We had both growing up and really didn't think much about it. We fished both fly and spin/gear. There never was a question of which was better. It was a matter of what you felt like fishing that day or at that time. Usually both types of rods and equipment were brought along.

Today I spend most of my time with a fly rod. When the silvers are running and I am looking for a fish to put on the table the bait caster comes out. Usually I am fishing for cutthroat with the fly rod and have a bait caster laying in the boat with a spoon on it. If I see the boats fishing for silvers starting to hook up, I grab the bait caster and join in the fun. Same for when the humps are running. The best of both worlds. The fly rod is used more often these days mainly because I enjoy fly fishing more.

It doesn't matter what type of gear I am fishing. What ever I am fishing, it becomes fashionable.


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I enjoy all types of fishing for a varity of reasons,Heck I've been even spotted plunking on those rainy fall & winter days when hanging out at near a fire at a plunking shack with my buddys & thier familys , cooking in dutch ovens is more appealing that standing in the river in the rain..
I have heard you have set foot on a gill netter a time or two also. Nothing beats catchin' 'em hundreds at a time.

Likely my favorite type of fishing is reef netting. You don't know buck fever until someone on the tower whispers down "They are in the leads, here they come. Get ready!"


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Back country trout and searun cutties fly.

Salmon Steelhead shinythings.

I have bad tendons in my right arm I have to save for my lively hood has a lot to do with that.

I have not felt the need for bait in a lot of years.
Grew up fishing with a stick and line tied on the other end a hook and some shrimp, cheese, or chuck of fish (saltwater fishing from the rocks, docks etc). Then moved to hand lining with a wooden spool.

Then spin fishing. I tried the bait cast gig but it just wasn't my thing

Now I almost exclusively fly fish (for any species), but sometimes I break out the ultra light gear for a quickie. Or I'll hit a river with my spin rod to float some beads under a bobber through some steel runs. It really all depends on my mood.