Neah Bay report


Indi "Ira" Jones
The coho were nice and I'm glad I experienced the journey, but I'd do the Rock Fish all day long without a seconds hesitation. Nick's 10wt never felt like an overbearing stick and often times it would be bent to the hilt. Those things were beasts!

Chris was incredible to fish with. He enjoyed running the boat and he also thanked us for letting him clean our fish! I'd fish with that swinging fool any day. What a great amount of knowledge that guy has.

Chris's friend Tony was also a great host full of knowledge and he drank beer to boot. Great time on his boat!

As always I enjoyed my time just hanging with Nick and I greatly appreciated the opportunity to fish out of his boat again.
The only salt water experience I've ever had was fishing for those purple Largemouth. It was a blast! I hooked a fish nearly every cast, and my seven weight was just right for the little ones I was catching. I really wanted a Leopard shark, and spotted several on some perfect flats from a bluff. By the time I got down there the tide had dropped enough they had left.
Coho will always be my first love, but man the rockfish were awesome. Im looking to get back out there soon. If anyone wants to plan a run out there just hit me up.