Neah Bay report


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Chris would not bucktail...
Sure had some hot coho action with Chris back in the day. Maybe its a tad early and the coho will show up soon.

Pat Lat

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Just out of curiosity, why does that Chinook appear to have an intact adipose? Shitty clip job, or am I missing something in the regs?


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Thanks for the report. I got radar on my boat for the exact reason you noted. It's scary out at swiftsure in the fog even with radar. As for the coho, there should be good numbers of silvers inside by now and definitely out at the bank. Sounds like they are running a bit late. I just got back from a week in Nootka and the silver fishing was so so. Hopefully things pick up soon.
Yeah i totally agree. Doesnt make a lot of sense to me.

I was just thinking though that the inside waters of area 4 were open to either clipped or native until they closed just the inside portion very recently. Ocean is still open.

Not sure what the regs are out there. It's just funny that once a fish crosses an imaginary line you can or can't keep/kill it.


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The fog story reminds me of tons of close run-ins like that when I was growing up. One of the best was our main engine crapping out in the shipping lanes and trying to get out of them with only a 9 horse kicker. Glad to hear it was only a near miss. Thanks for sharing.


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I was out along the coast in front of Long Beach, Wa in 25 feet of water and the coho/nooks were in pretty thick as was the bait. It was a war zone with the birds diving into the water. Group of 4 had limits in less than a couple of hours. I had the fly rod, but based on your post I was not equipped properly with my beach gear (intermediate line and modestly weighted clouser). I did get one tug but most of the fish were taken between 12-20 feet down. It's hard to get your fly down when the other three are trolling anchovy. Also, hard to compete with a real anchovy. I finally gave in and used gear since they were against drifting and we had to get back to check crab pots and take care of kids.