Rod building help

I am starting to research rod building. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good book or video. Are there any classes I can take at a fly shop, etc....

Thanks for any info.

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Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
In the seattle area there are 2 shops, maybe 3 that can help you out:

Patrick's Fly Shop is the only shop in the city that actually has information and the parts to build a rod, but they are limited in scope.

Up in Lake Stevens is a good spot: Greg's Custom Rods. He can help you out and set you up to build the rod of your dreams. Its a funky little shop packed with rod building equipment.

In Kent is Schoff's ( They used to be the great shop, but seemed on the way out last time I checked in.

Down in the Gorge is the Angler's workshop: Apparently this is the biggest and best around, but all I have ever seen is their site and their catalog.

And out on the web is I have only been to the site, I have never ordered from them.

The best rod building site on the web is at

Other than that, you either need a good friend (the best way) or a class in rod building. But I think that you can get started with this.
Patrick's in Seattle has rod building classes. The shop people have been very helpful when I have visited and had questions. THey have the best hours in town, too. I think they are open 'til 7 and even open all weekend. It is a pretty small shop, though.