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Why are we giving Ted Kaczynski that much street cred? I can see him as a reason to sell, but a reason to buy?

Vladimir Steblina

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In cases like this we should remember the victims, not the criminal.

From Wilkipedia.....
May 25, 1978 Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois Terry Marker, University Police Officer Minor cuts and burns
May 9, 1979 Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois John Harris, graduate student Minor cuts and burns
November 15, 1979 American Airlines Flight 444 from Chicago to Washington, DC (explosion occurred in midflight) Twelve passengers treated for smoke inhalation Smoke inhalation
June 10, 1980 Lake Forest, Illinois Percy Wood, President of United Airlines Cuts and burns over most of body
October 8, 1981 University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah None, bomb successfully defused None
May 5, 1982 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee Janet Smith, University secretary Severe burns to hands and shrapnel wounds to body
July 2, 1982 University of California, Berkeley Diogenes Angelakos, Engineering professor Severe burns and shrapnel wounds to right hand and face
May 15, 1985 University of California, Berkeley John Hauser, graduate student Loss of four fingers on right hand and severed artery in right arm, partial loss of vision in left eye
June 13, 1985 The Boeing Company in Auburn, Washington None, bomb successfully defused None
November 15, 1985 University of Michigan Ann Arbor James V. McConnell, psychology professor, and Nicklaus Suino, research assistant McConnell: temporary hearing loss; Suino: burns andshrapnel wounds
December 11, 1985 Sacramento, California Hugh Scrutton, computer store owner Death (first fatality)
February 20, 1987 Salt Lake City, Utah Gary Wright, computer store owner Severe nerve damage to left arm
June 22, 1993 Tiburon, California Charles Epstein, University of California geneticist Severe damage both eardrums resulting in total hearing loss, lost parts of three fingers
June 24, 1993 Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut David Gelernter, computer science professor Severe burns and shrapnel wounds, permanent damage to right hand and right eye
December 10, 1994 North Caldwell, New Jersey Thomas J. Mosser, advertising executive Death (second fatality)
April 24, 1995 Sacramento, California Gilbert P. Murray, timber industry lobbyist Death (third fatality)

Jim Ficklin

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True, Vlad & thank you. That being said, I used to bow hunt that country. I feel fortunate that I didn't encounter that piece of excrement while I was doing so.