8wt. Needs Work.

I need someone to help finish a rod (an 8wt. Loomis) that I started a few years ago and I can't seem to get finished. It's finished except the guides (I've got them) need to be wrapped on and the rod needs a finish coat of epoxy.
I'd be willing to pay a reasonable amount for this work. I don't have one of those motorized lathes that you need to turn the rod while the epoxy sets up. Give me a PM if interested. zody@cablespeed.com
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We could do this one of two ways, let me send you a motor and matching stand, or send me the rod and I'll do the wraps and epoxy them.

I never thought you were lazy....


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Hey Roper,
What a fine offer! Actually, I asked another guy on the board before I made this posting who seemed savy to me. As of last night when I made the above post, I had heard nothing and assumed it was a no deal. But I got a PM this AM and he is going to take on the work. But my esteem for you has risen plenty as a result of your kind offer. Keep them sober wheels sober."
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