Recommeded spey rod builders...

Was looking for someone that does great work on spey blankrod building that won't charge $5,000 to do. Any of you have this done? Who would you suggest? Local? Thanks a bunch!

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Mark 12:30-31
Bob meiser in oregon is one of the best spey rod builders and his prices are more than reasonable. You can find his website pretty easily. He creates some of the prettiest rods I have seen.

I noticed you posted about a 8136 sage the other day. That one on ebay got your interest? Have you cast one before?


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Meiser! You should also check out CND rods and Meisers 13'6" 7/8 FES it is great. Go down to Aarons Sat. on the river and try out some different rods. There are alot of good rods for alot less than a 8136 Sage. Loops are nice also.


Bert Kinghorn

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I'll second (or third) the Bob Meiser recommendation. He does beautiful work. His rods are also among the best performing out there. Just as important, he will work with you to help you figure out exactly which rod will meet your needs.
We agree, Meiser is a great rod builder, so are we. We have a 26 year old company named Fetha Styx custom rods. Check out the web site. We moved to Woodinville a few months ago. I stock about 200-300 blanks at any given time and have a full line of components. We build speys on Sage, Winston, Thomas and Thomas and we have our own. We create custom rods in a fishermans budget. We have rods for every fish you are going to go after.Check us out... you won't be disappointed. Ask Jim Gallager from Tight LInes Angeling and Yakima River Fly Shop. Thanks Rodboy:)