WFF Put Your Name Where Your Mouth Is

mike doughty

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it is very weird looking at the list of people who are logged on and not recognizing 1/2 of them anymore. like anything else new it will take time to get used to.
I'll keep mattzoid and still sign with my full name. I do it on every site anyway. Oh forget it, please change it to my full name. BTW, my join date is Aug. of 2002. Not that I give a rip, but it got changed during a server switch when I updated my profile. Thanks Chris.
Due to the legalities enforced by the witness protection program I am enrolled in this is not acceptable.

Dennis Cordova

Oh Damn! I meant (Spanishfly)....
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Good job on the new site. No problems here. Maybe it is time to remind us of the "MAKE A DONATION" button on the front of the site. Or, maybe we are already a generous bunch and the cash is flowing at an appropriate rate.

You can change my user name to my full name, Chris Bailey. Thanks.