soft hackle patterns

Kent Lufkin

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Since most traditional soft hackle patterns (spiders) are tailless, try tying them on 1X short and 1X wide gape hooks like TMC 102s, 106s or Alec Jackson's new North Country hooks (available at Avid Angler.)



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luv2fly2 said:
i have not tied or fished soft hackles. what would be a good hook size and color to start with? i will be on the madison in 10 days. mike w.
Mike, PM me your address and I'll send you some that worked for me earlier this month.
soft hackles

dloop, how do you fish soft hackles? i heard it is like swinging damp flies for steelhead. i have so much to do at ennis i wont have time to sleep. i have to fish hoppers, fish bugs and johns, hopefully fish soft hackles, check out all the bars and cafes, go to the ennis flyfishing show,etc, etc. mike williams


Creating memories one cast at a time
Yep, just like swinging flies for steelhead.

You can experiment by placing a soft hackle as a trailer (18" - 24") or so behind your favorite streamer.

In Ennis, a convenient and often overlooked swing water is just a few feet out of town. Head toward the bridge and look upstream a few hundred yards. That section of water, working back down to the bridge produced some of the best browns of our trip.

You can access this area by parking in the fishing access area near the end of the bridge (opposite the town side) wade upstream until you can cross to the other side. Starting swinging your way down to the bridge. Good luck. Lots of great shops in town provide good advice.

mike doughty

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luv2fly2, swinging them is the more traditional way, but i have always dead drifted them like nymphs and that has always worked good for me. as far as the hook choice, i have tied them on stright shank as well, but at one point i had an over abundance of the curved shank hooks and started tying the soft hackles on them. i like the looks better on the curved shank, but both have been productive. i don't use the scud hooks, but the hooks with the long gradual curve. hope this helps

Tim Cottage

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Kent Lufkin said:
Tim, thanks for the tip on Syl Nemes' new book which arrived today. Definitely his magnum opus.

My pleasure. It is a gem isn't it.
I've been on a book buying spree lately. Just scored big this weekend on two used but perfect cane rod building books at William James Bookseller in Port Townsend.