WFF is hosting a party with the Angling Exploration Group Nov 11th -14th

I'm down with the 11-14th date........ Like the Skagit idea if we can find a campground (see insane asylum) large enough. I'll do some digging and thinking and see what I can come up with...
If possible, I'd like to find a private campground that we can rent the whole campground for the four days, so we don't bother anybody with our late nights and coming and going. Maybe a public campground close by for those that like to sleep at night?

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Im down with the later date. Since it seems that it isnt gonna be held on the lower D, i may not be able to get a ride, and i get my lisnces 30 f*cking days after the parta'. Maybe i can find a ride with someone or something. Sounds like alot of fun, hope i can make it.


Has anyone ever hooked a little trout from a small stream, set the hook with a little too much excitement, and flung it over there head, only to have it fly of the hook, land on the ground and be snatched up by a seagul?? Such are the problems one faces when fishing little creeks.

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Rockport state park is open now but some of the state parks close after Labor Day. The county park on the Sauk doesn't have any running water or restrooms(trying to be nice here). Yes, a private park would be nice.

But somebody needs to make up their mind here as to where it is going to be held and at what time. No matter where it is held and at what time it is running some just won't be able to make it. That's the way the ball bounces.

Is the upper Sauk to far?

The campgrounds around Darrington could hold us. If Bedal isn't too far, its a cool smaller site with everything we need. However, it is a drive to the Skagit and Cascade, but would be good Stilly and Sauk place. It really wouldn't be farther than Oxbow was from some rivers people hit during the OP fling.... just a thought. :confused:


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I just did a fast check on the Mountain Baker National Forest Campgrounds and they all close down by the 3rd of October. That means the ones with gates on them will be closed. I think that they all have gates on them. Including Bedal. So that should narrow your places down to private CG's or Howard Miller Steelhead Park.Or that Skagit Co.Park on the Sauk River.

By the by there is a Skagit Co.Park at Grandy lake also. No fees but again to cans or running water. Unless you brought your own with you. Sani-Cans I mean.



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Hey Old Man...These parks you mention (County Parks) do they feel about alcohol consumption......Most State Parks allow alcohol but many County and City Parks do not.?????

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I don't know about that as I don't do much camping. I just know where they are at by driving all over the state. But as for the alcohol,I don't think that they would bother you if it didn't get out of hand. Besides all that ever come by those places are the county mounties. And all I have ever seen there are fisherman camping at them. But most of them don't drink :beathead: like I do.



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HAHAHA! that's funny oldman, "Don't think they would bother you as long as you don't get out of hand" I saw those pictures from last years Par-T.

I'm down for the Skagit system, the earlier date might even mean a few Chums would still be available.

I didn't make it last year but will this one.

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Not noting any objections, I hereby declare the party date to be November 11-14th. Location will be determined, but as long as you know the date, it doesn't matter :)
Jason and I will be there!! Maybe not the whole time, damn college, but for a couple days at least! It is 2.5 months away and I am already getting pretty stoked!!