Yakima River Trip


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I got back from the river Sunday evening. I spent two days fishing between Bighorn to Reds and Reds to Roza. The Stones were definetly out. I would recommend Stimulaters with rubber legs, the fish wanted the fly to move or skate it alittle. Also Chernobly type flies that had orange bodies and rubber legs worked well. The drift from Reds to Roza seemed more productive with alot more fish brought to the hand. Hoppers were the ticket on that stretch. In sections that where lined with meadow grass the fish just slammed the hopper patterns. I caught one of my largest fish of 17 inches on the pattern. The weather was great, but alittle windy in the eavenings, I had to switch to a heavier rod. The fish where also fond of Kaufmanns Stone fly nymphs in brown, they turned out to be the nymph of the weekend!