Little Stone's "Chum Baby" rocks!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Did some beach fishing near Sequim yesterday morning for SRC, and had fair action.
Started off with a fly I hadn't tried before, a cone-head white crystal-chenile bugger and had no strikes.
Opened my flybox and almost reached for a chartreuse/white clouser, when I spied the "Chum Baby" Bob Triggs gave me at the fly fishing expo this spring. Recalling his report of successfully guiding Joan Wulff into a hog of a SRC using his fly, I says to myself, "Self, if it is good enough for Joan Wulff, it is good enough for me!"
So I tied it on and made a cast...BAM! Nice little feisty 10" SRC on the first cast!
Two casts later, another hit. A few more casts, and something very big smacked it hard and stole my only "Baby" from me! Sob! :(
They sure liked that fly! Could also pass for a sculpin, tied with natural squirrel tail like it is.
So I tied on the #6 chartreuse/white clouser and had a few more (but less often) strikes. Some time later I saw a large fish boil in the rip and cast up current from it...Fish On! Very nice hard fighting SRC, about 16" or so, played it out and almost had it to hand when it unhooked itself and saved me from bending over! That's what I call a good fish!
Gonna have to tie me up some of those "Chum Babys." Thanks Bob! :thumb:


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Almost forgot. I was using my 6wt. with a clear intermediate line. 7' 3X leader. Only wearing ankle-high rubber boots, I would cast out into the rip, throw a big mend, and swing the fly into the rip-line while beginning a retrieve with long strips, varying medium to fast, or however you would immitate a fleeing baitfish. The fish were right in the rip-line forming off the tip of a small spit on the last half of the outgoing tide. You never knew when they were going to strike. I also saw a Coho jump, way outside a couple a hundred feet or so.

I would make a cast/retrieve, take a step along the beach downcurrent, and cast again. After slowly working my way about 80-100 feet, I would return to the "top" of the point (where the ripline started) and again fish my way along my favorite stretch. I missed alot of strikes. Kind of a slow day. The fastest action was when I was using the "Chum Baby" fly before I lost it. But those two fish fought into the shallows battled hard.

Got buzzed by lots of yellowjackets...I think maybe my arm-waving was alerting the SRC to my presence. Nice two+ hours at the beach, though.
That winds up the rest of the report.

And thanks ibn for the link to the "Chum Baby."

Its been raining hard, now that I'm back here on the coast. Was trying to help my neighbor in a garage the "30 miles of other peoples' junk" non-event goin on out here. Unsafe to drive with all the rubberneckin', left-signaling/right-turning, garage sailors jammin' up the road. Rain quitting. Hope to go fishing tomorrow morning, in search of tidewater Chinook somewhere. :thumb:


Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
Jim, the check is in the mail...

Nice to hear you say all of that.
I guess next time you'll check your leader and tippet and knots a little more closely,
keep you backcast a little higher off the beach behind you...Hmmm? :ray1:

I would use a 5x tippet on a 9 foot leader and I might get a few more hook-ups that way.

Check your personal messages. :cool:

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Knots, backcasts, etc.


Thanks for the words of wisdom! Sounds like good advice. I usually use a 9' 4X off my intermediate when fishing off a beach for SRC, but I chose the 7 1/2' 3X, because it was there and I thought I'd try it. I will try a 5X sometime, but 9' 4X usually gets me alot of strikes.

Might have been a bad knot, but the leader had a clean cut on the end and no curly-kew knot remnants, so could have been a nick, or even a wind knot. I'd like to think it was sharp teeth. It was a vicious strike that stole my chum baby!

The last time I had fished this same spot, I lost an entire new leader with attached clouser when my backcast clipped the dune grass... the woven mono loop (held on by heat-shrink tube) had pulled off the end of my flyline. I barely felt the tug on the backcast, but I noticed no fly hitting the water when I finished the cast. I searched the berm behind me and could not find my leader/fly.
I secured the replacement woven mono loop with two 7-wrap nail knots, as I don't trust that shrink-tube any more. One knot right to where the frayed end of the loop ends, with the little frayed mono ends carefully trimmed off as close as possible. The second nail knot about 3/8" from the first one. That ought to hold the loop on. Looks clean and is less bulky and less visible than the shrink-tube.