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absolutely, i used one that was about $30 for quite awhile until i upgraded. i don't know if you can get a rotary vise for that price, but oh well. i prefer rotary, but you can definately get by without.

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I have a couple of old cheapies the I tie with. I can tie from size 18 and up on them. I have a few size 20 but with my old eyes have trouble even with a magnifiying glass. But I have them and I should give them a try.

I always say to get what you can afford and then make do.



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Super II vise

The one I'm using these days is like the Super II. It does the trick, as it rotates 360 deg. It also has a locking screw on the side not seen in the picture that comes in useful on occasion. I think I got mine for around $25 from Hook and Hackle. That was a couple of years ago. Nice to see the price dropping. I just hope to find a cheap-o version of those angle-armed ones (Renzetti style) one of these days. Putting the hook shank in-line with the axis of rotation would make dubbing and palmering even easier.


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A Solution for the Near-sighted

Old man said:
my old eyes have trouble even with a magnifiying glass. But I have them and I should give them a try. Jim
Jim, have you checked out those magnifying visors? A friend of mine swung me one that he picked up from a camera supply store. It went for around $20--maybe less. It has two sets of lenses, the main one and another that flips down on the inside for higher magnification. The magnifying visor can flip up on its hinge for when you don't need it, and the headband is adjustable. I once saw a photo of A.K. Best wearing something like it. I tell you, the thing works better than those articulating-arm magnifying glass jobs--and they're cheaper! With the visor, all you need is good lighting.


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I started out with the cheaper vises, than upgraded to a rotary vise. The cheaper ones definetly work fine, and are great when you are starting out. You may want to check out ebay to see if there are any good deals on there.
Look on ebay for some cheap vises. I started with a danvise. it is a plastic frame and metal jaw, also a rotary (though awkward to use at first.) about $75.