GP breasts

mike doughty

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I'm trying to find some GP breasts, but can't seem to find them on any site i check, but i have found a lot of GP pheasant skins. does anybody know if the skins have the breast feathers on them?
Usually, yes

Most GP skins have all the feathers except the tail and the head. The head, of course, has all those GP tippets and crest feathers. There are a ton of great feathers on a GP skin, and the skins are usually pretty cheap.

Hi Mike,
I just noticed that you are in Korea. About 12 years ago a buddy of mine came back from an Army assignment there, and brought back several well made graphite rods. I don't recall what area he was in, but the rods were okay.
If you have the skin, then you have the feathers that are required. You can use the breast feathers on top of the fly, then use the bright crest feathers for the eyes. Just remove the center portion, so that you have a few on each side to represent the eyes.

Are you in the Army or Air Force there? Look me up if you ever make it to to the western Washington area.

Don Brooks

mike doughty

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thanks for the replies. i have found a ton of skins for under $10 i guess i will go ahead and buy a couple and willieboat i am in the air force and here until december then off to utah where i can get my fishing groove on.