Cutts outta the Stilly!


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Fished Pichuck creek today down near the mouth by the bridge after work this afternoon. Didn't hit anything in the creek, the water was still too high for good wading between holes so I went down to the mouth. The Stilly is still flowing thick with clay silt., but there was enough clear water being dumped in from the creek to make the river fishable. Picked up three cutts around 12 to 14 inches in water that was only about foot and half deep a few yards below the mouth. Using a #6 orange bead head reverse spider. Picked up a bunch of fat little smolts too. Saw a couple of silvers roll, and a pair of humpies that looked like they were digging out a redd just up from the mouth. I figure wednesday the creek will have dropped enough to get in and wade. The Samish outta be good by then too, but I think I'll take a look at the stream tomorrow after work. Iffen it's a gonna be a nice sunny day wednesday I might just get sick and call in to work well, and take the day off and do some fishing.