Thank you Cabelas'

Came home from fishing Thursday night from the Sound to a package by my door. I had sent in a rod that was getting a weak point in it. Had not broke yet but was ready to soon. Even though it was bought over well over 3-4 years ago and it only had free replacement for 2 years,they said to send it in and they would look over to give me credit toward another one. Instead they sent a brand new one to me free of charge.
Got to love a company who stands behind their stuff that well.

As for the fishing in the 1.5 hours I was out last night caught one small shaker but there was lots of fish on the sounder. Saw 2 flyfishers out on Point Robinson and lots of trollers in other boats but did not see any of them hook up with anything but seaweed. Still was a good evening on the water and a pretty sunset. Taking this evening off from fishing to get a early start out on Saturday. Fishing has been beter in the morning and mid day then it has in the evenings any ways.
I hope you all have good fishing this weekend.