Pass lake in december

mike doughty

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I know this is a little early, but i was just wondering how the fishing on pass lake is during the winter. i will be comin home in december, have never fished the lake and was thinking that if the lake fishes good at that time that i would order another float tube so that i can fish it while i am home.


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Winter Stillwater Fishing!

Winter is the best time! That's when the big trout come out of the deep water and move into the shallows. Just remember to bundle up with a fleece layer or two under your waders and bring those chem-pack toe warmers to stuff between your sock layers (don't put hand warmers in your socks, as they don't work well there--not enough air for their chem reaction). Troll big juicy-looking patterns and see what happens. If a sizable enough temp spike occurs, you could easily expect a good chironomid hatch. Trout can get excited over this. All I can say is to be prepared for the cold and just do it! :thumb:
yeah! What he (Ceviche) said!

Pass is pretty good, and cold in the winter. Let me know when you're going up there and I might be able to join you. :beer2:


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Not this winter...

Here's the rub: I'm probably gonna be shipped-out this winter. First week of October, I'm in the union hall. If I get work, I could be gone for as long as four months, returning in early February--though I could be back as early as December. Still, early Feb is still pretty darn cold, and the fishing at Pass should still be kicking. I remember late last January and picking up a fatty in less than 10 minutes after putting in at Pass.

Cold is Good! :thumb:

Scott Behn

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Damn Mike if your coming back in December look me up...there will be a number of skinny waters to hit for the steelies...that way come Janish or Febish everyone will be ready for the NATIVES...
I have found Pass lake December to be pretty slow. When you do catch a fish, they do not fight as well as they do right now or in the spring due to the super cold water.