Any Coho Near the Beach this year?

I am not sure about the rest of the saltwater bound anglers here, but I found that most silvers were running out deep and away from shore this year. The best action I had was early in the year on residents. Has anyone else had a different experience or does this seem to be the same throughout the sound? I am still fishing the beaches, but with fewer expectations. :hmmm:


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josh... I have a place you should look into. Give me a call or shoot me an e-mail. I havent been there by foot in a while but it used to be one of the best bets for returning silvers.

Matt Burke

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I found that Silvers were to far out until the rains. After that last rise in the rivers, I think they all just shot through the salt and went up. Seems like the rivers are filled with them and it seems that the gear guys agree as they have flooded most of the lower sections. Just kind of a weird year.


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I was at Purdy yesterday, and there were a good number of Coho near shore, I didn't manage to catch any, but I had one at about 10 pounds follow my up to my pontoon.
I have not noticed that the adult silvers are out further than normal from shore this year. But then again that is so dependent on low light conditions.

At the areas that I fish for adults silvers, they appear to have shown up a couple of weeks later than normal. So there is still hope to get some adult silver action in the next couple of weeks on Puget Sound.

If there is little adult silver action, there is always the back up plan of fishing for SRC in local estuaries. For the past couple of weeks, this fisheries has been awesome for large SRC. Yesterday, landed a 22" SRC and the next cast a 19".


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Where have you been fishing? not the spot just an area would be great. We used to fish the S Hood canal around belfair this time of year.
man i miss fishing the fall in the NW. I just know there are some big cutties up there to be had.
Kip.... shoot me another e-mail. I screwwed up and deleted it.
I fished marine area 10 from a boat on Sunday.

Lots of jumping fish and surface activity, but it didn't translate to lots of catching. Either we were seeing chum, or the coho had lockjaw. We didn't get a nice coho hook-up all day.

All was not lost as we came across a nice SRC hole, and caught 3. I also got about a 15lb chinook, deep sixing my tube fly at about 30 feet. He came off right next to the boat (which was fine as he was going back anyway). As for the coho, if the bite was on it would have been an epic day, but I think they had spawning on the brain. I heard a second hand report of a beach caster on top of some coho and encountering the same no-bite phenomenon. We also caught numerous blackmouth shakers.

We launched about 8am and it was quite foggy. As soon as we pulled out of Eagle Harbor we were approached by a solo fisherwoman in a bayliner. She pointed to the land and said "is that bainbridge?" She also inquired as to if we had a compass. She looked a little disoriented from the fog. She said she started the morning fishing at West Point, but approached us coming from blakely harbor on bainbridge, so she probably had quite a foggy adventure travelling between west point to south bainbridge (across the shipping lanes and ferry routes).

We saw lots of boats off west point, so out of curiousity we motored over there, but didn't see the nets flying or anything. I think the downriggers are doing fairly well in that area from some other reports and pictures I've seen.



Coonrad. I had the same trouble with the fog on Saturday heading out myself in area 11. Was crusing along and next thing I knew the beach was right there in front of me and I only had 2 feet of water under the boat. On top of that I was one beach over from where I was heading for which meant my course was 3 degrees or so off from the time I left the marina. At least I knew the area and their beaches well and quickly got back on course. I guess I should have been watching the depth sounder more.
As for the fishing there were lots of small 12"-20" Silvers and Blackmouth to be had both days fishing. The past few weeks I have had many 20-30 fish days for those shaker size fish. While the little ones are fun the bigger ones have not been as good to me. Only 2 adult fish in the past two weeks. Not sure where they have been. The gear trollers have not been doing any better. In fact most of them have been getting only 1 or 2 shakers themselves. The trollers have of course tried both shallow as well as deep.Kind of strange fishing, there has been so much bait fish out there its insane. I was at Three tree point early Sunday morning and the water at times looked like it was raining from so much bait all around, mostly small herring but there where also schools of candle fish. The small salmon as well as the seagulls were going crazy. Never saw a soul all day with an adult fish. I caught so many of the shaker fish in the first two hours of fishing it was almost getting old. The rest of the day brought 4 or so fish per hour both at Three Tree and along my lesser known fishing spot.
The question all the fishermen I have talked to is where are the adult fish? Have they already rushed on through or are they still to come. I did see one pod of Pinks feeding on Saturday quickly going through by Point Robinson but far from the beach. Of course I did not have a rod stung up for Pinks at the time and they paid no attention to a quick shot by them with a fly I had on. Still was fun to watch them go by.
One other note buckets dipped in to the water often brought up large amounts of sometype of baby green and brown shrimp or something about a size 34 and smaller. I am sure that is what all the bait fish are feeding on right now.
Well on the plus side all this bait will hopefully mean: large src, more residents, and more opportunities this winter. We shall see. As for now, I guess the rivers are the place to be for salmon and the salt is for SRCs.