10wt Rod??

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by 8wtflyrod, Mar 15, 2007.

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    How about a Lamiglas traveler not sure they make a 10wt.They definitely make a 4 piece 9.Retails for 180 US.Any other capable 10wt 4pc US made warrantied rod will run $200-300.Or get a custom Batson Rainshadow or Pac Bay well under 200,also made in WA.If you could swing it the 9'9" 10wt G.loomis crosscurrent would be perfect but far more.
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    Not to diss Steelie Mike, but his pictures that he posted comparing the corks between the rod brands aren't apples to apples . . . the middle rod, with the newer looking handle, apparently hasn't been as used as the other two around it. With use, the middle cork will likely look the same as the other two.

    In varying degrees of need, but nearly all rod manufacturers fill the voids in their cork handles, and with use the filling often comes out. Sage, Loomis, Redington, TFO, Echo - it happens. I have a Sage RPLX-i whose cork looks a lot like the TFO rod handles that Steelie Mike is lamenting, and in fact one of the cork rings on that Sage, where the thumb goes for casting, is 'soft' from use and needs replacing.

    Also, regarding rod breakage, rods break. If a person fishes much, rods break. Who knows if that is the rod brand or quality or the fisherperson; most breakages are the fisherperson's fault, not the rod. Shoot, even Mercedes Benz, BMX, and Lexus make lemons onces in a while. The tip of one of my favorite rods, a Sage 590-4XP, broke within the first two hours of me using it. Since its repair I've had no issues. I'd like to think I didn't cause that first breakage.

    Heck, my Loomis GLX 6 weight cork looks like the corks in Steelie Mike's picture.

    Because of those issues with my two premium rods, that doesn't make me diss on Sage. It's just one of those things that happens when you fish and use your gear.

    I fish TFO's with no issues. I have a TiCr-X 8 weight that was bent in to an S-shape by a big coho out at Sekiu that decided to go under the boat and wrap the line around the main outboard and the kicker. The rod scraped against the outboard, was bent in weird shapes, but I was able to get the line unwrapped without breaking the rod, and landed the fish. My 10 wt. TiCr really is a great fishing fighting machine, and my buddy who borrowed it for a Mexico trip liked it so much he bought one.
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    All Mike is trying to point out is that Echo uses higher quality cork than TFO as part of a larger argument that Echo has better finish work than TFO. Its hard to see with the color of the cork. Obviously, with time, the color will match that of the TFOS and it will be more apparent. But Mike is trying to demonstrate is there are more voids , and thus filler, in the TFO cork than the ECHO cork. This isn't easy to see in Mike's pictures, but Mike has fished alot with a lot of rods and knows his equipment better than most. I am fortunate enough to have seen these rods so I can agree. Echo also has a better blank finish, better wraps, and higher quality guides. Next time you have the opportunity grab and echo and TFO and compare the finish work and their action. I think you'll be surprised at the differences for similar priced rods. I have a couple of TFOs and one of them Im sure Ill never get rid of. They are a great design. But I'll definitely look at Echo before TFO the next time Im in the market.
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    "I fly out of Seattle Jun 14 and will be in AK Kenia till Jun 31st"- hikepat

    Life is rough, huh? man, I am a tad bit jealous.

    As for the worn cork, I kinda like the used look and feel. It is like your old ball glove, you earned its used and worn out look and feel, that is what makes it special.

    Not a very productive post, I agree, but I this is my contribution

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    Definitly look into the Lamiglas, great rods, and made in Washington! I own 3
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    I took an ECHO 10 wt up there last year and had a blast. No trouble at all, and the 4 piece was easy to transport and never needed tightening. There's my vote...:thumb:

    8wt & PatHike,
    You have to find a way to get into the Nushagak if it is open. Outstanding fly fishing. :ray1:
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    I have cast every model of the TFO rods, have owned or own nearly every model of the TFO rods, and have the cast the Echo rods, and compared the fit and finish of each. They are very, very comparable in appearance. The larger argument here is that to compare apples to apples, you don't compare a lightly used rod to a well-loved rod.

    It's just not the same. Heck, again, my Loomis GLX 6 weight cork looks like one of those TFO rods in SteelieMike's pictures. And, I have an RPLX-i whose cork looks pretty similar. I also have a little used TiCr-X whose cork looks like the Echo rod in his picture.

    To resolve this, how about this answer; when a person goes to look at the TFO and the Echo, because of this thread, maybe they will be more sensitive to the cork and how filled it is, whether it be the TFO or the Echo, and cherry pick accordingly whatever brand and model they prefer. :)
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    I think in this case we just have to agree to disagree. The high end TFOs have great finish work. But I think Echo has more rod for your buck than TFO whether your comparing the classic to the pro, echo2 to the TICrx, or the saltwater to bluewater. I have TFOs that I am very fond of, but with Echo I think people are going to take notice.