11-15-08 - 3 beaches in 5 hours.

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jeff, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Hit 3 beaches south of Seattle this weekend, looking for SRC's and Coho. Got into one of the former and 6 of the latter. All subsurface, though I did try out Leland's Miyawaki Popper... cool fly!

    The Cutt was a nice fat 16"er with many Copepods on it's lateral lines, and down it's sides. I didn't notice any on the Coho caught in the same area. Fished from sunup to noon.

    Also saw 2 Sea Lions working about 75 yards off shore and a family of Sea Otters stopped and watched me fish for about 30 minutes... that was cool!

  2. Sounds like a nice outing, thanks for sharing Jeff.
  3. Sweet man, sounds like a good outing. Were you fishing from the beach or a boat?

    South sound has been good to me lately. Hit a beach last week, had about 6 or 7 nice src's to hand. I think I may have already posted something about that.

    Sure is nice when you find em though, isn't it?

    happy fishing,
  4. Jason,

    I was fishing from shore. I'm looking at getting a boat, but it'll be a couple of months... or rather, until I land another contract at work. But it WILL happen! :thumb:

    Ya, it's great when you find 'em. I've been digging the resident Coho action, but haven't had a big day with SRC's yet. I just need to explore more and that will change.

    I'd usually be hitting the Yakima or eastern Washington creeks this time of year, but I've fished the salt the last 5 weekends and just can't bring myself to drive that far with fishing this good so close to home. I have a lot to learn about salt water fishing, but I'm getting into fish and feel like it can only get better as I get more places dialed in. :thumb:

    Plus it's a whole new set of flies to tie, which is a plus too. Good times!


    You landed 6-7 SRC's last week... Sweet!
  5. Awesome. Congrats on a great day! I, too, have found it difficult to leave the Sound for more far flung fishing when the beaches produce.

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