11-16-08 Beach report

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  1. The plan was to hit three beaches on Sunday. The first was a new beach for me, beautiful in the morning fog, devoid of people, but apparently devoid of fish too. Not a single strike. Drove to my second destination and arrived about an hour before the low turn. I was fishing my 5 wt. with a clear intermediate and a green over white bucktail baitfish pattern. Got several strikes, but no hook-ups. When I finally decided to change flies, I tied on a pattern given to me by a friend who said he'd had success with it on this particular beach. On my second cast, I got a spirited strike and landed a girthy 15" SRC. I fought three more SRCs, catching two and LDRing one in the next 15 minutes. A lull followed, but the day ended with me sight casting to a jumper and landing it. It was the biggest cuttie of the day at 16 inches, full of vim and vigor and aerial finesse. I never made it to the third beach. I'm now addicted to SRCs and the Sound.

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  2. Oh, now it works. Not use to these Vista photo options on my laptop. WOW dude, great fish, sea lice and all! Can't tell if it is wild or hatchery?
  3. Peter, photos are perfect on my laptop, do you need a larger monitor?

  4. Great day, I'm jealous.

    And I know how you feel.
  5. Hey woof,

    Great picks. What fly did you use?
  6. Well done. Nice to see you photographing the cutts in the water, not flopping on the rocks :thumb:.
  7. Nice job Woof!! great looking SRCs!
  8. Right on! Nice Cutts. :thumb:

  9. I am fiening sea runs.bawling:
  10. Nice Pictures Shots Woof!

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