Thompson river steelhead need your help.

Meddling etc.

This subject is a sore point with me. When this site was a whole lot less friendly back in the stick to the arguement or get censored days, I use to hang out a bit up there. Then things seem to mellow out a bit on this site and I came back home and seldom visit Fish B.C., though I have a lot of dear friends there I have established from my humorous writings, many who would guide me for free.

But the Thompson was something else. You couldn't really talk about it without complete and total ire coming down on you no matter how positive you tried to be or how tactful. You were told to stay out of it by some, accused as an ugly American by others. This PETA label was always tossed out.

Untold thousands of tourist dollars go north every year and the tourist has little or no input. The idea of an International Brotherhood of Flyfishers working together for a common good is about as popular as Bush would be for Prime Minister.

Commercial fishermen are very strong and gear guys are most suspicious of fly "snobs". It's tough to argue up there. Canadians on that site are very well informed about that which they write and will do a ton of research to prove their point.

All I know is that I'm a Thompson lover. Even that is not well received. I feel much like the lone cow caught in some barbed wire, bellowing in the dark of night. Not a good feeling.

Bob. the I love that B.C. more than I can express :beathead:
You guys keep sending your emails and see if anything changes, I bet if any it will be for the commercial guys not you. The lesson is pick a battle not every battle. Plus if you think those email addresses are actually read by the person you think your sending them to your crazier than I thought.

I do think something has to be done to save the fish but are emails and phone calls telling people how much better sport fishermen are then commercial fishermen going to do that? I do not think so.

Good luck with your harrassment tactics.

Do not see how writing publicly elected officials to voice your concerns can be considered PETA like tactics. You are way off base, that is the public process. If you have been following this story you will see this is working and government officials in BC are starting to get involved. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Plus, and this is what really irks me, I do not see you offering any other options which makes your opinion pretty much worthless.

Either bring something to the table or stay out of it,


The person being written to may not actually read the e-mails but some junior assistant will read them--at least sufficently well to get the drift so he can make a mark under the appropriate column, opposed or in favor, native or non-resident etc. I know because I used to do this as a college student. The report is constantly presented to the honcho so "he knows how the wind blows."

You miss the boat entirely on the question at hand. It is not one of sportsfishermen thinking they are better than the commercials. It's what is best for the Thompson. We are trying to save the last few dozen fish of a great run that was legendary. Does this mean nothing to you? And when it is the last few dozen chums or whatever that the nets surround, will that mean nothing to you as well?

God keeps a special place in hell for guys like you, FlylikeIdo: It is a deep tank filled with water that boils forever. In the bottom, all tangled in a commercial net, will be you my brother, struggling forever to get free.

You could change. There is still time.

Bob, the agnostic who feels weird wearing the clothes of a fundamentalist preacher. :eek:


Banned or Parked
FlyLikeIDo - If you don't want to participate, that's fine but encouraging others not to participate is out of line. I'll take your position to assume you're forfeiting your opportunity to ever fish the Thompson River if and when it is reopened to steelhead fishing. This probably doesn't bother you, since you obviously don't care about that river or its fish. On the other hand, I was born within walking distance of the Thompson and I feel personally attached to it, so naturally I'm more concerned about it. I assume you're probably not voting in the November election either...

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The amount of time you have spent replying you could of sent off an email.
If you fish for steelhead anywhere you should care.