What could you tie with Bobcat?

Matt Burke

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Went hunting for grouse this morning and ran into a Bobcat. At the time, I wasn't sure if I could "harvest" it, but as I found out later I could have and legally (I never take the shot unless I’m sure of the target). I'm glad I didn't because now I remember how great it was to get such a rare glimpse of one. Also, I just can't seem to justify it. Meat is out of the question as I have never seen a recipe for Bobcat on the Food channel. I could say, well at least there will be more grouse for me next year with him gone. Or I could use him in my fly tying kit, but I don’t think I can. What do you think my friends?

Big K1

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I would probably skin it for a nice little rug. I stick to deer and elk and occasional upland game though. The kitties are to cute.

Matt Burke

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Here’s an addendum to this thought. Not that I’m getting all tree hugger on everyone, but I was looking at the half dozen grouse flies I tied up. They are great looking flies that could imitate a lot of things in the water. Now the tails are gray fox because it matches the hackle. I know I’d shoot a fox for fur. A polar bear would be great, but I see damn little of them around here. That fur is the best for hair wings on a green butted skunk. I was just wondering what other Washington wildlife, besides upland game and waterfowl, would be great for tying. Don’t know if coyote would work either. Deer or elk are a must. Maybe mountain goat or big horned sheep. You can have one of those per lifetime. Any other ideas on what other hunters have used for flies?
I had a nice look at a bobcat Tuesday while deer hunting. My thoughts were the same as your's. I can't eat it, so why bother. Getting the hide tanned would be kinda cool, but I'm too cheap to spend that kind of coin on something that will spend its life draped over the couch. I'm sure you could tie something with it though.
Flies and bobcats

Almost any furred animal will have useful parts for the fly tyer. Even my lab, Zody, has to cough up a little her brown coat when I need some. But I don't know as I would shoot a bobcat--too rare. I saw one cross the road a few years ago with a big rat in its mouth. Beautiful animal, it must have been 30 pounds or more. Only time I've ever seen one in 67 years of looking except for that big male I saw on the Russian River about 45 years ago.

I was steelheading; it was snowing and there he was about 20 yards from me. One of those things you never forget.

No, Matt, you did the right thing. Maybe someone else will get a look at him and experience the same thrill you had.

Bob, the I love to hunt-mainly ducks and grouse. :thumb:

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Winter is primetime for coyote if you are looking for nice pelts. Black bear is good for flytying and pretty good sausage.


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Let em live for crying out loud. Have you no respect? You shall learn to be one with and love these animals in time. Your world will be less for every one you kill. And you don't even want to know how many animals I killed before I realized this. In time, you will mature to the thrill of the hunt and not the kill. Buy your fur from the caged animals, there's plenty of them.
glad you let em live. fairly rare sight really, ive only seen a couple. cats and other true carnivores dont have very good meat. their fur is pretty uniform so you really only get 1 type of material from it and too much really and i dont know of that many patterns that would need it, let alone very much of it. the whiskers would be nice to use for mayfly tails etc, but i find them lying around the house occassionally as i have 2 cats. not worth shooting them for that purpose IMO. you could buy the equivalent material for under $8 im sure. and if you need cat hair just let me know, i have plenty of it id give to you! so are we going to go grouse hunting or what? -ryan
Matt, you did the right thing!
The city type squirrel has far more useable fur than a cat. The squirrels out in the woods are mostly protected. In general cat is not a particularly good hair for tying. Now skunk and badger and mountain beaver are a different story all together! Regular old beaver has a lot of good qualities too. The underfur on porcupine is good but it is a real bitch to get to it and the meat is poor mans pig!

Duck time is here!! Do you want to hook up and do a thursday, friday thing on the east side?


I would really like to do that as I have every other Friday off. I just don’t have any more vacation saved up for Thursdays. I was looking at waterfowl regs and man there is a lot of skins I could collect. I have been noticing that while on the river fishing, I see a lot of ducks I could pop. Some are the sea ducks and require special written authorization. The other aspect is when I do see them, they are usually flying on the far side of the river. I would really like to carry my shotgun in a scabbard slung over my back, but I have no way to retrieve them if they drop on the far side of the river. Can you imagine a twelve gauge poking out my back and Spey casting my ass off. A couple mallards come cruising by, tuck the rod in between my legs, whip out my pump and BAM! I’ll bet any jet boats close by would give me plenty of room to cast.

Kent Lufkin

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Matt and Ryan,

I'd love some cape feathers (or even a whole skin) from a blue grouse if you should happen to find any. PM or email me if you do . . .

Kent, what do you mean by "cape feathers"? i dont have skins but i do have lots of feathers, mostly from the breast, wings, and tail, might have some back feathers. -ryan
Matt Burke said:
A polar bear would be great, but I see damn little of them around here.
People might want to remember that Polar Bear, Seal, and a number of other exotic materials are VERY illegal to have. Upwards of a $25,000 fine and jail time can result from the possession of a protected critter body part, fur, feathers, etc. Just a heads up; I have been told that a public posting on a web site is an admission that can give the authorities probable cause.

:ray1: not to be a know.