Ant patterns for RFC?

Was at Rocky Ford early Sunday morning and after the typical 2 hrs of frustration with the 'educated' fish, finally hookup up. I was in the 'middle' section of the slower water (almost straight down from the camp area). Since the submarines clearly visable near the banks were just ignoring me and every fly pattern I floated over their noses (midge, damsel, leech, Griffith Gnat, braided butt damsel you name it)I tried one more thing. Deep in one flybox was a flying carpenter ant pattern I've had for alpine lake fishing - but never really used it. That on end of 12' leader to 5x, maybe a 'lucky' (er... better than most) cast to middle current seam. The leader actually rested on the moss bog and that may have helped with stealth.
Watching with polarized glasses I no sooner had said ant hit water when this hog does a U-turn and slurps down that ant like candy. Fish on! Playing that thing became tricky also since he decided to go into that moss bog stuff. To keep from snaping off, I released some pressure and he swam out soon after got to shore. 24.5" measured. After carefully reviving this nice specimen, I watched him swim back to maybe meet another day.

I remember an old timer who is experienced with RFC once told me that ants will do wonders there when all else fails or fish are just picky (which is most times).

Next time I'll be prepared with more than the ONE ant pattern.

Anyone have similar circumstances there? Suggestions on color / size of ants that I should tie up for this creek?

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I might be old---but I'm good.

The one and only time I fished there I used a small red ant,I think it was a size 16 or 18. red body white wing. It worked but I didn't stick around. Way tooooo many people for my own good. Jim S. :THUMBSUP


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On a related note - carpenter ants are 'everywhere' in the North Bend area at least. Should be a good pattern for out westside waters now too...

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I might be old---but I'm good.

I don't know what they look like,but the black ants that I've been seeing are really big now and a few of them have wings They're about one inch long. I seem to be finding them just about anywhere. Jim S
A guy at Orvis in Bellevue said that Cernoble Ant pattern works well at RFC. I tried it once and caught a fish, not 24.5, but it was a battle scared RFC trout- fun to watch a fish hit a huge fly like that on the surface. Don't know why...haven't tried it since.