Ray's River Dory Drift Boat 17X54

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Beautiful and tough Ray's River Dory. 17X54 Rogue Fly Fish Model. Pristine condition. All natural marine grade fir with mahogany accents. Graphite/epoxy bottom. Removable rear casting brace. Built by Ray in 2002. Baker galvanized trailer. Extras included. Please post or e-mail me for pictures at eskoog@magnusadventures.com. Or give me a ring at 503 780-2679. Boat is located in Portland, OR and I will deliver at no extra charge. This is one of the most beautiful boats you will ever set your eyes on. $4750 OBO.
I know Bob. Havn't quite figured out how to do that yet. If someone wants to post them for me I will send them a few flies and give them a discount on the boat if they buy it! Or I'll send them a beer of choice. Sounds like a sweet deal to me......
I got the pics as e-mail. Man that is one nice looking boat. Unfortunately the wife saw me looking at pictures of another boat. After she threatened my spey rod I decided one of you other guys could have it. I guess she thinks one drift boat is enough.

That really is a beautiful boat. I'd be proud to float in that baby. I own 2 boats now and my wife would do bodily harm to me as well if I pulled it into our driveway.
somebody's going to get a sweet boat though.
Bringing the boat back up to the top. I'm flexible on the price and need to sell it as soon as I can. This boat is one of a kind and truly beautiful. This boat floats like a cork, spins on a dime, tracks like a dream and is total eye candy. Not to mention it is tough as nails. Please address any questions to this post or call me at 503 780-2679. RD
Last time bringing this boat up. Will work with you on an offer but I will not give the boat away. It is super sweet and for the discriminating angler who wants top quality. Feel free to call Ray on this boat. www.raysriverdories.com. Check the price on the boat on his site and compare. The fir that this boat has been built with is perfect, not one patch anywhere on the hull. Try finding that in a Don Hill or Tatman---you wont! Please e-mail me at skoogae@ix.netcom.com or call me at 503 780-2679. Thanks, RD.
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