HB2354 to ban assault weapons and hi-cap magazines

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The war on drugs hasn't helped either. Low level dealer, armed to the gills, busted...deals are made to get the distributor. Gun charges often dropped. Any crime committed with a deadly weapon should automatically be handled with the most severe consequences. No deals, no pleas, nothing. Arrest all the f'ing low level dealers and bangers and let the big fish figure out how to keep the cash flowing. When they slip up, nail their nads to the top of the door frame.
Along with saving money on expensive trials by entering plea bargains, which do often result in dropping firearms and weapons charges, the additional information gained from some criminals in that position does help law enforcement to solve other cases. This is not insignificant as it can result in murderers and rapists being taken off of the street.


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FYI, the 2nd A specifies no limits on itself. A strict constructionist judge wold rule that even felons and criminally insane have the right to keep and bear arms due to that ". . . shall not be infringed" phrase. However, courts have entered restrictions on Constitutional right numerous times, usually under some interpretation of "reasonable." Miller in the 1930s SCOTUS ruling limited full auto and bazookas. I'm not sure but I think it was around 1968 when gun control legislation first restricted felons and the mentally impaired. The Heller v DC decision (2009) leaned heavily on "reasonable restrictions" in the same way that the 1960s SCOTUS ruled that the 1st A doesn't permit a person to falsely yell "FIRE" in a crowded theater. Whether it's right or not doesn't matter so much at this point; there is plenty of precedence at case law restricting Constitutional rights without amending the Constitution. I guess one could say that the "slippery slope" began long ago. Which is why 60s hippies like me are always pounding out, "UP THE REVOLUTION!"


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I love this Tulalip tribe guy who was sentenced to 2 years the other day for lying on his BATF NICS form. His "lawyer" says" he didn't know about the domestic violence restraining order".............Really??
Spey, does that mean I have a right to bear a nuclear weapon?
Well, just to wrinkle Lugan's shorts, why not? After all we let the Iranians have them? Seriously though, arms are arms, field artillery is field artillery, and contrary to popular belief, one can legally own a full auto machine gun. The fees & regulations required to do so however, are hardy worth the effort. Most people I know don't have room to park their daily driver in the garage, let alone an Abrams tank. You probably could own a decommissioned (armament removed) A-10 Warthog, although it would require considerable resources to fly it. :rolleyes:

To my way of thinking, owning something is one thing, the irresponsible use of it is another matter altogether. Last time I checked murder was against the law. Too bad we don't enforce the laws we already have.
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Great points, Speyfisher! all these morons who think "oh, but if you support 2A, you should be able to own a nuke"..... mouth breathers. And to all those who think that it'd be great to have a full-auto. Guess what? One well placed round betwixt the headlights is far more effective than 600 rounds splattered all over the landscape; more ecologically sound, too! I've seen grunts hit the line with 1400-1500 rounds; Who wants to carry THAT!!

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for those people who say "oh, not gonna confiscate-never happen" when we refuse to register anything, remember that the "registration so we can track them" bullshit is exactly what both Australia and Canada said some years ago. The ultimate goal of confiscation was touted as "insane"....well-guess again. Confiscation is precisely what both did.

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there's 3 former SEALs here in the upper valley, so one on Stevens Pass, one on Blewett, and one, plus a few marines, on Highway 2...that should about do it, keeping the riff raff away from here:D


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I love this Tulalip tribe guy who was sentenced to 2 years the other day for lying on his BATF NICS form. His "lawyer" says" he didn't know about the domestic violence restraining order".............Really??
well it is possible, seems some of this relatives didn't know tribal commercial crabbing was closed, one was the tribal director of fisheries no less !


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A bit late to the party on this one. Really enjoying the conversation...

Instead of the usual headbutting I'd honestly like to hear from those posting here if they have some ideas how to reduce gun crime. Or do you feel like things are OK as is?

Honest question. Instead of black or white let's talk about some gray.


You said gun crime. I'm pretty sure I know what you meant. But the key word isn't gun. It's crime. The cause of crime (lower now than during the 10years of the last ban) is systemic. The decay of sense of right and wrong, being responsible for your actions, etc. All that comes from what I think is an ill society. Huge numbers of people who just check the fuck out on parental duties. Hard work isn't as important as it used to be. A pop culture that glorifies criminality. On and on. (fuck, I sound old. I'm not even 40 yet...) I'm not smart enough to know the answer. If I did, I wouldn't be dicking around on the computer right now. I'd be running shit. But I do know that this bill wouldn't reduce crime. Gun crime, knife crime, or titanium spork crime.

As Ed said, the war on drugs has things good and fucked up. Criminalize something and you get criminals. I don't think it's the govt's business what a taxpayer chooses to ingest. Especially when they say how dangerous drugs are out of one side of their mouth, while supporting the clusterfuck that is the food/med industrial complex out of the other. They don't care as much about people's health as they say, methinks. If you get caught with a gun whilst doing criminal type shit, the cost must be high. Need room in the jails? Let out the people who got busted on bullshit drug charges. I'm not a drug user, I just hate all that nanny state shit.

I do understand the argument you're making, but don't agree with it. When the 2nd amendment was written, there weren't assault weapons and high capacity magazines.
A rising tide lifts all boats. They didn't exist back then. Now they do.

The 2a is a crucial part of the checks and balances that keep things free here. I don't think that there will be a civil war in the US tomorrow. But I do think that politicians would be taking far greater liberties with our liberties (clever wordplay, yes?) if the entire population was unarmed. Mankind's capacity to subjugate and control others is boundless.