Another great steelhead run


Another Flyfisherman
I have a picture of "THAT" run in a book that I recently purchased. I cant remember the name of the run - but I know that the river is closed right now which has alot of people up in arms......Am I close? :p
I'd have to go with that--Spences bridge or close by on the Thompson River where the fish are now in danger of becoming extinct in the next few years. This is truly one of the sacred rivers of flyfishing. Her fish were larger and tougher than almost any fish in the world.

Here's something which might be of interest:

1. The Thompson is unaffected by dams--zip, nada one.
2. The Thompson is mostly unreachable in its headwaters so spawning areas go unmolested.
3. There is no housing, no towns to speak (Kamloops excepted)of along its reaches so habitat is in pretty fair shape.
4. I have not heard of Indians being a problem to the resource.
5. I don't think hatcheries have played much of a role.

6. Oh sorry, I left out harvest. The sports have taken cuts to the point of catch and release of all fish, both nates and hatch jobs. Oh sorry, I forgot about the harvest at the mouth of the Frazer. IT'S NEAR TOTAL! Nets are everywhere as every dollar is bled from the Frazer. The Thompson, a trib. of the mighty Frazer, has been bled to death.

Bob, the I wonder if they'll continue to net even after there is nothing in them? :mad:


AKA: Gregory Mine
I knew it was spences bridge, but didn't want to spill all the beans. damn near broke my leg last time up there, high stepping down the river on a full run to keep the fish under somewhat near control. one of many extremely fond memories of that area. that and on my way to sheridan i just want to stop and just breath in the air.
I love all rivers and many are sacred to me. The Hoh, the Bogie,.. the Soly. the Queets, the Sky, the Stilly, the Skagit, the Snoq and the Green. Certainly the Cowlitz and the Kalama and the Elocoman, the Klicky, the Washogul and the Chehalils, the Methhow,the Grande Rhonde, and all the Oregon streams, the Deschuttes and the North fork of the Umpqua and those too numerous to mention and don't forget the California waters, the Smith, the Klamath, the Mad, the Redwoos Creek, the Trinity and the Eel and the Sacramento and the Russian.

I have not told of some because they are too sacred to mention in print.
But there are many.

Yet, for some reason unknown to me is the most sacred of all, the Thompson River. I don't think the Canadians own this river. It is a world treasure. And the fact that it has been pissed away in my lifetime does not set well with me.

Bob, the What could I have done? How did I let this happen? :beathead: